Roulette Online Guide and Strategy

Roulette is one of the famous ‘wheel’ casino online games. It is fun to play and there are various types of online casino roulette games such as American Roulette, French or European Roulette. The idea of roulette is that you bet on one or more numbers, odd / even, black and red, and if the ball that spins around the roulette wheel lands on the slot that you bet on… you win.

For a serious gambler, online casino roulette would be one of the first casino choices of gambling. This game is the most popular since it offers consistent chances of winning (nearly 50%). The game is very simple and offers a huge number of betting options. The basic online casino roulette wheel comprises of 37 numbered slots. Its variations are European Roulette that consists of 37 slots and American Roulette that consists of 38 slots, the extra slot is marked with a 00.

The 00 in the American online casino roulette wheel was introduced to increase the odds of the House. The game usually begins when you place your bet on a specific number or numbers and the wheel is spun. The winnings are determined on which numbered slot the ball lands on. Bets are usually made from the following:

Dozen – the First 12, Second 12 or Third 12

Group – numbers from 1-18 or 19-36

Red / Black – bets placed on red numbers or black numbers.

Even / Odd – bets for an even or odd number.

roulette screenshot

European Roulette

European Roulette basically comprises of a 37 numbered slot wheel i.e 1 to 36 and 0. The game consists of inside and outside bets and the numbered area on the table is black and red. The odds of the House in a European Roulette game are 2.63% which determines that you would get back 97.37 cents for every dollar wagered by you.

American Roulette

The American Roulette wheel consists of 38 slots with numbers from 1-36 that are colored black and red with 0 and 00 that are colored green. The 00 in the American wheel was established to increase the odds of the House. The freedom of a number of options to choose from is the most attractive element of the game. American online casino roulette has the same rules of an online casino roulette game but only consists of an extra (00) number. Again making wise bets will help you in the long run.

How To Play Online Casino Roulette

The game begins when a player chooses to place their bets on a number (0-36), color (black or red), even number or odd number. The wheel is spun and the players waits to see where the ball lands. If it lands on the bet chosen, the player wins.

  • Click on the required amount of chips to bet.
  • Choose a number (0-36, black or red, even or odd) and Spin.
  • The wheel spins and the ball stops on any number of the wheel.
  • If the ball lands on the chosen number, you are immediately credited with the winnings. If you lose, you lose your bet and the next game starts.

Type of Roulette Bets

  • Inside Bets – when a player places a bet on any number from 0-36
  • Outside Bets – when a player places a bet outside the table layout, eg. on Red or First 12, Second 12 or Third 12.
  • Call Bets – when a group of bets are placed on the table at the same time.
  • Neighbor Bets – when bets are placed on the neighboring number or a chosen number.


Roulette retains a similar probability for each spin and a firm online roulette strategy could work well. The best strategic moves depend on the way you place your bets. The odds of winning rely in the type of bets you make in a online casino roulette game.

A very good online Roulette strategy is making two bets on each spin of the wheel. For example, you can make the first bet of 1-18 and pays 1 to 1. The second bet can be made from 25 to 36 and pays 2 to 1, offering you minimal risk.

Good luck !!!

Source: Casino School of Bovada Casino