Caribbean Stud Poker Online Guide and Strategy

A standard game of poker takes a group of players and hours to kill. Caribbean Stud goes down like a day by the beach: a lot of fun, and a lot of memories with no hassles.

When a quick game of one-on-one poker is what you're looking for there's no better answer than going Caribbean. Like a big name tournament, a huge jackpot could be yours if luck is on your side. Bodog's Caribbean Stud Poker is tropical fun without the sunblock.

How to Play

Choose your wager amount ranging from $1 (minimum), $5, $25, $100 and $500 (maximum) then press "Deal." Both the player and the house receives five cards, your cards are all face up while the dealer shows only one card. Upon viewing your cards and the dealer's one card, choose Raise if you believe your five-card hand is better, which will double your ante. If you do not believe your hand can beat the dealer click Fold and forfeit your bet.

The dealer does not qualify unless he has a King or better. If he does not qualify, your ante and raise are returned. If the dealer qualifies, the payout on your bet is determined by the quality of your hand. If the dealer beats your hand, you lose your ante and your bet. If you and the dealer have the same hand, the next highest card decides who wins.

Keep in mind before you deal you can wager a dollar in the progressive section. This gives you an opportunity at the entire progressive jackpot if you earn a Royal Flush. If you do not pay the dollar and earn a Royal Flush you're paid 200:1 odds instead of the lucrative progressive pot.

Card values

Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

Caribbean Stud Poker hands

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is a side bet that allows the player to share in a jackpot, regardless of the dealer qualifying or not. The payout depends on the rank of the hand. To play for the progressive jackpot, click on the skull and crossbones coin slot on the right before clicking Deal. The coin slot lights up when you place a progressive bet. To remove your bet, click on the coin slot again.

For example, if you receive a flush but the dealer does not qualify, you would only receive a 1 to 1 payout on your ante, not 5 to 1. If you play the Progressive Jackpot, you would win $75 regardless of the size of your bet, and regardless of whether the dealer qualified or not. If the dealer did qualify and you had a better hand, you would win both bets.

There are only five hands that qualify for the progressive jackpot:

Caribbean Stud Poker jackpots


  • Deal - Make the dealer deal cards to you and the dealer. All bets final once button is pressed.
  • Raise - To make another bet with your original ante.
  • Fold - To forfeit the ante before the dealer turns his other four cards.

Good luck !!!