PAF Free poker ticket for new poker players


PAF Free poker ticket for new poker players


The Grand Live Tournament Series

Qualify online in Paf Spade Poker and join the Paf Poker team for
amazing live poker events around Europe.

Did you know that Paf offer a free poker ticket for all new players?

The ticket can be used to qualify for one of Paf fun live tournaments, such as Paf Poker Challenge or the tournament series Grand Live. And everything the players have to do to get their free ticket, is to create an account in Paf Spade Poker.

The third Grand Live for this season will be held in one of Europe’s most popular destinations – Estoril, Portugal.

The qualifiers have already started and will go on until the 25 January, and Paf  have daily qualifiers for the online finals every week. You can read more about the Grand Live series here.

Live Poker with Paf – a unique gaming experience

Whether you are a new or experienced Paf player,
we are always here to help you.

There are many differences between playing live and playing online. If it is your first time playing live, perhaps it isn’t easy to maintain your poker face? Maybe you are unsure how to express yourself or how to act at the poker table.

Paf  will be there to answer all your questions. Remember that live poker is about the experience and having fun. And it is Paf’s  job to make sure that’s how it is.

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