Make your dreams come true with Casumo challenges


Make your dreams come true with Casumo challenges


We all have our dreams. We’ve sent our casino challenge winners to Caribbean, Miami, Japan… In the Dream Challenge we let the winner decide the destination themselves. Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to see? Outplay the others and your dreams become reality.

What have you always dreamed about?

Casumo has organised 8 casino challenges so far, all with unique themes. This time we travel to imaginary dream worlds where everything is possible. Whoever wins the Dream Challenge gets to travel to their dream destination. The trip will be tailored in collaboration between the winner and Casumo. The total worth of the trip is €10,000.

So perhaps the Moon is out of the budget but at Casumo you can space travel as much as you want. Completing certain missions give you free spins and super spins valuables, worth up to €3.00 a spin.

Top 30 players of each challenge also win wager free cash prizes according to their final position.

What: The Dream Challenge by Casumo

When: 23rd September – 9th October

Who: Anyone with a Casumo account can opt in for free Levels & top prizes

Easy: €800

Medium: €1,500

Hardcore: A trip to the winner’s dream destination

All players who finish in top 30 win nice cash prizes. The higher you rank, the better the prize.

How to succeed in the Dream Challenge?

Challenges are about both luck and strategy. The idea is to complete the missions with as few spins as possible. Casumo has hundreds of games so choosing the right game for a certain mission helps you on your way. Missions vary from getting a couple of big wins to winning a certain amount of times in a row. Different games have different features. Playing one game throughout the challenge isn’t likely to give the best result. For each mission we provide a few suggestion of games we believe are good choices for it. But of course you can play your favourite game as well.

This is how you get started:

1. Open an account.

2. Choose between the Easy, Medium or Hardcore challenge.

3. Complete the missions with as few spins as possible.

4. Dive into your dream world.


Challenges for all levels

There are 3 different challenge levels. Each one has its own fixed bet level for the missions: easy €0,50 a spin, medium €1,00 a spin and hardcore €3,00 a spin. You can finish the challenge as many times you want but you can’t change the level once it’s chosen.

Least spins wins

There are 5 types of missions: spin x times, win x times, win x times in a row, get x big wins and get x mega wins. Completing certain missions unlocks free spin and super spin valuables that are lined up along the way. How long it takes to complete a challenge is based on both strategy and luck. Casumo provides recommendations of good games for each mission.

The Challenge Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is showing the current list of players who have completed the challenge with the least amount of spins. It’s updated continuously as players complete their challenge. You can re-play the challenge as many times you want without risking your score. Casumo only counts the best one.


About Casumo

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