BingoFEST $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event


BingoFEST $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event


Big Bingo Event

There’s incredible Bingo Fun and excitement guaranteed in the $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event on Saturday, March 26 EDT as we will play at BingoFEST for fabulous cash prize of up to $50,000 cash. The big bingo fun can be found in the Bingo tourney room from 8:00PM EDT as BingoFEST guarantee to create more big bingo winners with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000 cash to be won in the big game.

The BingoFEST $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event starts at 8:00PM EDT as BingoFEST warm things up with three incredible $1,000guaranteed games at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT and 10:00PM EDT with cards for these $1,000 guaranteed games costing only$2.50 a card.

These great cash games warm things up nicely as BingoFEST head towards 11:00PM EDT and the big game.

Huge Cash Prizes

At 11:00PM EDT we will play at BingoFEST for an incredible coverall prize of up to $50,000 cash with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000 that must be won.

Card for the big game cost just $5.00 per card and could see you winning a fabulous $50,000 in cash.

What would you do with $50,000 in cash? Make sure to pre order your cards for this month’s $50,000 Coverall Minimum$10,000 Event for your chance to be the BingoFEST next big winner!