Mega Fortune £2,065,627 jackpot winner – £5 was all it took!


Mega Fortune £2,065,627 jackpot winner – £5 was all it took!


Remember last Friday when we wrote about how a lucky Casumo player won a Mega Fortune Major Jackpot with a 50 cent?

And that the fabled Mega Jackpot had reached £1.9 million? And that now is the time to start hunting the jackpot?

The newest Casumo player £2,065,627 jackpot winner from Yorkshire, United Kingdom sure does remember.

How the wheel of (Mega) Fortune spins…

“I was thinking I might win 50 pounds but when it went all the way to the jackpot I was shocked.”

It was a typical Sunday afternoon in Yorkshire for the 31-year old casumo. Last Friday he had claimed in Casumo Casino at Fridays Mega Fortune offer and was now playing Piggy Riches, but was now getting ready to go out. Before leaving he decided for a whim to switch to Mega Fortune touch on Casumo mobile app. That proved to be quite a (mega) fortunate thing to do, as after his third spin he got into the fabled bonus round. He was expecting to win maybe 50 quid, but boy o’boy, was the boy wrong… Instead of £50, his eyes saw something he could not believe to be real. Luckily his dad was around to confirm that yes indeed, he had won a £2,065,627 Mega Jackpot.

“I was shaking when he said it was true and how much I had won.”

Bonus Round started? Check.

Mega Jackpot won? Check.

What to do with the money? ?

It seems to be near mandatory to ask jackpot winners what are they are going to do with the money? And of course we did just that!

You know, when compared to traditional lotteries, one of the many nice things about Mega Fortune Jackpot is that you don’t have to share it. Unless of course, you want to do that. And this generous winner plans to do just that.

“I am going to buy a house, give some to my family and maybe get holiday somewhere.”

He also seems to be a down-to-earth type of guy and plans on investing the jackpot winnings in housing. But most importantly the winner want’s to focus on three things he loves in life – golf, football and, of course, his family.

Isn’t it funny how some small decisions can change your life in the blink of an eye?

Maybe it will happen on the metro on the way to work, in the shopping line, or maybe just when you’re about to hit the town for a cheeky beer on a Sunday night.

Take this winner here for example. He became a casumo only four days earlier, and now he is a millionaire. So stay tuned, as next Monday Casumo Casino are going to celebrate the newest jackpot winner with a Mega Fortune campaign.

Who will win the next Mega Jackpot?