Tipbet now offering 5 free betting on eSports


Tipbet now offering 5 free betting on eSports

Tipbet announces the successful addition of a new sports betting product.

In cooperation with Betradar, Tipbet now offers betting on eSports events and games. With this Tipbet expands its program with innovative content for the German and international market.

The eSports offers are not only being presented by us on the online platform Tipbet, but also directly for the products integrated in the retail areas of betting shops. With this Tipbet follows the path of an uncompromising and extensive integration into the market that shows another unique selling point among the betting providers.

“eSports is a young and exciting project,” said Tipbet Managing Director Bahadir Malkoc. “With our new eSports offer we are using and furthering the popularity of the sports at the same time. We believe in the future of eSports and want our product to be a part of this successful story.”


The most popular games offered
For the start betting on events and matches will be offered based on the popularity of the eSports such as League of Legdends (LoL), Starcraft II, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA2). Live betting on the important matches from CS:GO will be available from the start. Shortly after live betting will also be made available for DotA2 matches.In addition to eSports betting Tipbet will also supply a live stream for important matches. This streaming service from Tipbet is made possible through cooperation with the ESL and Sportradar. The eSport community and the betting fans are offered completely new possibilities by the live transmission.

What is eSports?
The term “eSports” is used to described competition events between computer players. Normally these are played in multiplayer mode with two teams or two players competing against each other. The rules of the match are made by the computer game and the external rules of the organizers.

eSports is played on PC systems as well as gaming consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. Professional Computer gaming can be played out in single or team levels.

Meanwhile numerous E-Athletes have managed to become professional players. The eSports team steps up in front of up to 45,000 onlookers in the audience and millions of people watching over the internet.

E-Athletes need to work on their motor, as well as their mental skills in order to succeed. Pronounced hand eye coordination, fast reflexes, long endurance, visual orientation, game overview, game understanding, tactical alignment, foresighted and lateral thinking are the deciding skills of a good E-Athlete.

The best professionals in the scene earn up to millions of dollars per year. Large global corporations have already discovered eSports for themselves and are routinely and intensively active as sponsors at the major events.

More new products on Tipbet
Along with the traditional sports betting and casino assortment eSports is being added as the third segment in the product portfolio. The product expansion of Tipbet is with this not even close to being over.

The beginning of a new virtual games product and a live casino on Tipbet are planned for the second quarter of 2016. Additionally, the Tipbet casino will be expanding its assortment through connecting of other gaming providers and releasing new games.