$5000 Slots Tournament at Miami Club


$5000 Slots Tournament at Miami Club


Slots tournaments are great places to get some fun and exciting game play in. These types of tournaments are highly competitive and they are usually free to join at many online casinos. Slots machine tournaments usually have very large prizes as well and sometimes the prize pools grow to half a million dollars or more. If you are looking for slots competitions, Miami Club online casino is definitely the right place to be searching.

Currently, almost every online casino carries the so-called slots tournaments – a kind of competition in which many people love to participate, but thousands of people are asking: “What?! How can I carry out the tournament for the game in the slots? ”

If you’ve never played in such competitions, there is a high probability that you too are interested in this issue. Be sure that there is nothing to be ashamed of it. To guess the concept of such tournaments are not easy.

There’s $5000 up for grabs in September at Miami Club in the ‘Miami Month-Long Tournament’!

Name: The Miami Month-Long Tournament
Game: Fat Cat
Date: 1st – 30th September
Buy in: $5.00
Rebuy: $5.00
Prize: $5000 ($2500 first prize)
Open to All players. USA players are welcome